Muse (2016)

A short story about love, loss and change as seen through the eyes of a man suffering from mental illness.

Steve knew that his life was about to change forever. He knew that every step he took moving forward would be a step towards a new and better life. He also knew this road would not be easy and that he was barely prepared for the change that was necessary to improve his mental health. What he did not know, what he could not know, was that he would meet a girl who would turn his whole world upside down.

Liz walked in to the room much the way she walked in to his life, quiet and meek but shinning brilliantly. She was the epitome of his desires and she became his every reason to survive. That was why she had to walk away. That was why she had to leave him and nearly destroy him in the process. But the lesson that Steve learned from having loved and lost could only be learned exactly that way. And only she could change Steve forever.

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