Dan Radz is a singer/songwriter from Mississauga, Ontario. Canadian born, in Toronto, he has spent the majority of his life living in the Greater Toronto Area. He started playing guitar and writing his own music at age 16, inspired primarily at the time by Nirvana and the Seattle "grunge" sound.

His formative musical years were spent in the Meadowvale/Streetsville scene, known for helping to produce bands like Billy Talent and Ill Scarlet. The scene was vibrant and alive with a variety of types of music and was the perfect learning ground for a young musician. Dan fronted several bands, most notably Blind Open Soul and Mind Riot.

Dan stepped away from bands several years ago and began working more steadily on his solo acoustic act. A side project he had been working on at various times over the years. Dan's own musical worlds collided as the search began to find a sound that was both his own and a direct result of the many influences from different genres that inspired him.

2009, 2010 and 2011 were spent on a project called, "The Endangered Sessions". More than 20 songs were recorded over this period of time. Dan continued to search for the balance between the softer, more subtle sound of an acoustic guitar, inspired by the likes of Elliott Smith and Jack Johnson, and the outright power and energy of bands like Nirvana and Sublime. All the while continuing to grow as a songwriter and musician.

2012 brought what Dan hopes will be the breakthrough he has been working for all these years. The album #sessions, recorded during the months of March and April, an album recorded live and entirely on an iPhone. While unorthodox to say the least, the iPhone recordings captured the raw nature of the sound that Dan had produced. An album mostly about conflict, desperation and hope, the raw sound was fitting for the album.

September and October produced the most surprising results of the year, a second full length album called Fallout & Afterthoughts. Originally planned to be four songs in length, it was expanded during the recording process. The original songs on the album explore the perimeter emotions of relationships. The album also included two covers, the ever inspiring Enjoy Yourself and a song dedicated to the memory of Dan's father called My Buddy.

2013 saw a surprising five albums released, including one ukulele album. The other four albums include; In The Drama, Love, Debate and the Apocalypse, Crystal Blues and Angel. This was also the year that Dan made his entire catalog available for free download from Reverb Nation.

2014 saw the release of Dan's 8th solo album Sciamachy, also a free download. Dan also returned to the stage, debuting solo at Failte Irish Pub in Mississauga with a three song set. Dan continued to pop up on open mic night at Faltie through out the year.

After a one year absence Dan will be returning with his 9th solo album Exit which will be released during the winter of 2016. Dan also released his first short story Muse for download on the site. A book of poetry and short stories is also currently in the works.